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Reaching out and serving the least, the last and the Lost in Jesus’ name
Our Program The Strategy of Transformation, a ministry initiative that belongs in strategic alliance to The Center of Transforming Missions – CTM and Christian Reformed World Missions – CRWM.
Our vision is to see hundreds at-risk youth and families encounter the liberating Word of Jesus through grassroots leaders who are equipped to teach and preach Good News among those whose lives are marked by poverty and violence. And whom have been wrongly labeled the least, the last and the lost. We share the vision of the prophet Zechariah that “One day the city shall be full of children playing in its streets.” Zachariah 8:5
Our Mission is to equip the church and develop communities of grassroots leaders to serve at-risk youth and families in hard places.
Where we work
  • The Dominican Republic and Haiti, land of beaches and mountains
  • Approximately 20 million habitants
  • 60% of population lives under the poverty line (1.25 $US/day)
  • 44% of population under 18 years old
  • Approximately 210 thousand people live with HIV-AIDS
  • 60% of the population is estimated to be unemployed in Haiti and 25% in the DR.
  • Extreme poverty and violence are the two primary concerns in both countries.
  • Over 200 thousand teenagers in the DR are considered to be at-risk
  • It is estimated that close to a million Haitians live as illegal immigrants in the DR.
What we do
  1. We provide theological practical training to equip grassroots leaders and churches to reach out and serve at-risk-youth, families and vulnerable communities.
  1. We work in alliance with local organizations that have the capacity to serve grassroots leaders serving in hard places
  1. We develop networks of grassroots leaders focusing at-risk-youth, families and marginalized communities and encourage them to form communities of learning, collaboration and service.
Our practices
Action: Serving with high-risk youth and families at the margins. This may include: vocational ministry, volunteer service, professional advocacy.
Reflection: Ongoing conversations on what it means to teach and preach Good News with and for those who have been labeled the least. This may include: Street Psalm Intensives, Theological Roundtables, written reflections, etc.
Discernment: Seeing the Spirit at work by mapping the movement of God. Our mapping process includes three exercises:
Mapping the Pain: The key here is to know the pain of particular community. One method of mapping pain is what we call “Moments of Blessing” – a public liturgy for victims of violent homicide.
Mapping the Hope: The key here is to know the hope of a particular community. One method of mapping hope is what we call “Signs of Hope Tours” – Identifying, visiting and encouraging ministries/organizations that are making a difference.
Mapping the Heart: The key here is to know the heart of God for a particular community. One method of mapping God’s heart is what we call “Prayer Table” – a weekly, inclusive prayer time with leaders from the community.
Mario Matos serves as the Caribbean director of the Strategy of Transformation, and is responsible for the ministry in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
“For the last two and an a half years we have facilitated approximately 20 training sessions and worked alongside over 150 leaders from the Christian Reformed Church and other church denominations in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Some organizations in our network focus on church planting and evangelism, Christian Schools, community development, outreach to street involved children/youth and sex workers, and formal theological education.”
The training provided by the Strategy of Transformation consists on a process of long term training for key grassroots leaders by means of two uniquely designed training tracks that helps pastors and youth leaders develop an effective ministry in their local church as well as one that participates in the transformation of their respective neighborhoods and cities.
In the next couple of years, the Strategy of Transformation will be expanded to Cuba and Puerto Rico.
What can you do to support Mario Matos and this ministry?
  • Committed Prayer support
Pray with us as this ministry continues to grow and impacts lives and
transforms communities.

  • Care & communication
Stay in touch with us. Encourage and be encouraged as we see God at work in hard places in the DR and Haiti.
  • Financial support
Join our support team. We are in need of financial support to effectively minister in the D.R. and Haiti.

Special project: 15,000 for vehicle

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